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Why Plant Natives? What's the big deal about native plants?

Native plants are necessary to support all native wildlife, including us. Most native insects need native plants to complete their life cycles. Birds, reptiles, and amphibians need those native insects to complete their life cycles and so on. Native plants are the base of a healthy ecosystem. An ecosystem that humans depend on for our own food and habitat In addition to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, native plants are also more adapted to our regional growing conditions and less susceptible to pests and diseases. Bottom line: they require less effort to maintain. Even more good news, native plants have the ability to continue to adapt to changing environmental conditions as they arise. Native plants are the key to the evolution of our ever-changing climate.

Dr. Doug Tallamy is a thought leader in the world of native plants and biodiversity. His research has shed so much light on the interactions between plants and insects. That information is incredibly valuable when designing an ecologically significant landscape. Check out his website. Home Grown National Park. A grassroots call to action to regenerate biodiversity using private lawns and landscapes.

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