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About Our Studio

I find so much inspiration in the forest, working with plants, and creating harmony with the earth.  For me, when I create a landscape I see it as a co-creation between me, the plants, and the earth.  

My favorite projects are those with meaning - both ecological meaning and personal meaning.  I deeply believe in creating landscapes that support the local ecology.  I also love to create landscapes that are personally inspiring to people.  It could be a place to connect with nature and a larger sense of self.  It could be a place where you honor and celebrate a loved one.  It is a satisfying process to create a landscape that uplifts and connects us to beauty, love, and joy.  


With degrees in ornamental horticulture, landscape architecture, and a concentration in ecological design, I have a strong background in working with plants and creating natural landscapes. 

For the last 30 years, I have been working in the green industry with design-build firms, nurseries, private estates, and residential homeowners.  Working with institutions such as the National Park Service, Wyoming County Community Hospital, and Sligo Creek Elementary School has been very rewarding.  Earth Essence Designs began in 2005.  

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